How to start playing slots on your mobile device?

mobile-slotsThe registration and download process is very similar between mobile casinos. It isn’t very hard and it won’t take a lot of time. You’ll be ready to play slots on your phone if you follow the three steps in this guide.

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Step 1. Download the mobile casino

At the site of Spin Palace you enter your phone details and you’ll get a sms which includes an installation file. When you have received the sms, you opt to install the mobile casino application. When it’s installed you click on the application and now you’re ready for step 2.

Step 2.  Registration

You enter the mobile casino app and click on the option “Play for real”. Then it’s a simple matter of following the given instructions.

Step 3. Make a deposit, get a bonus and start to play for real!

Spin palace is a site where you have to verify your age. For that you register a credit card and make a deposit. When your credit card is verified you can start to play and there will be waiting a high welcome bonus in your account!
Use this guide to download mobile slots for your phone. Download now.


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